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5 Tips to Avoid Sun Damage to Your Boat

An Ariel view of an Axopar 37 Sun Top Boat on the sea

It is no secret that the Aussie sun has some powerful rays, with many days reaching UV 11 or more (and that’s extreme!). Whilst we all love a glorious sunny day relaxing on the water, protecting your boat this summer is essential in keeping it in top condition. It is more than a quick once-over; we encourage a full overhaul to ensure it is thoroughly prepped and primed, ready for years of luxurious, safe sailing.

1. Invest in Quality Boat Covers

A 2004 Buizen 48 Pilothouse Boat Cover

Protect the exterior of your beautiful vessel by investing in the highest quality, UV-resistant covers. If you’re local to the Sunshine Coast, we recommend The Boat Cover Company. They not only provide custom-made covers but are a fantastic bunch of people.

2. Dock Under Shade

Sanctuary Cove Marina Shaded Covered Berths

Whenever possible, moor your yacht at locations and marinas with shaded areas. We adore the Sanctuary Cove Marina on the Gold Coast for providing ample shade options, even for superyachts. It also offers luxurious amenities and a 24/7 fuelling station!

3. Apply UV Protectant

New Ocean Yachts 74 Flybridge deck. Women on yacht drinking champagne.

Think of it as suncream for your yacht. We spend hours applying it to our skin, so spend a little extra time applying a UV protectant wax to your boat. Use a marine-grade UV protectant to maintain shine and to minimise damage to the upholstery and hull. We recommend using ARCO on fabrics and vinyl – which can be purchased at F.R.I (Foam and Rubber Industries).

4. Install Window Tinting

Yacht with window tints

Installing window tints will help to reduce the harmful UV rays, minimise sun damage to upholstery, maintain a cooler temperature inside and it adds an extra touch of sophistication.

5. Check, check and check again

2 men checking sailing boat

Before and after any trips, try to implement routine checks to look for any signs of sun-related damage, such as fading, peeling or cracking, to address issues early. Aim to keep all electronics inside or under shade to prevent overheating. Staying on top of maintenance will make your life easier in the long run.

By following these tips, you're set for a summer of smooth sailing and boatloads of adventure, while keeping your boat in excellent condition.

Happy boating!


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