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Lisa Clinton has been extremely helpful for the delivery of my project. I had to coordinate finance, broker, owner, surveyor and skipper within a very short period. On the top of this, I had an intense workload, which was affecting my availability.  I would never have met my deadline if she has not go well above the call of duty for me.

Right form the start, within an hour of contact, she was chasing me for detail so she can began her work. Within 24 hrs, I had several options to choose from, all extremely well display so I could make decision within minutes. So far so good, but you would say, this is good, not great, and you would be right.


The next day I big road block came up, survey would not come on time therefore, delaying the project by about a month. Lisa jump in, find alternative option that would match my new reality. The next day, I had my certificate of currency ready to send to finance to close the deal. The finance company reject the certificate of currency 3 time due to mismatch of info between owner and broker, again, every time within an hour, Lisa had my file update and ready to go.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone I know and to be perfectly honest, if I had a role that would suit her, I would probably offer her a job with this customer focus attitude.

Merci Lisa

Dennis Brassard – Brisbane

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